DermaPro is a model Αesthetics & Dermatology Clinic, equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and operating in a carefully designed space, like nothing you‘ve seen before! We focus solely in the creation of a truly unique beauty experience for our visitors as well as a specialized treatment for every case that arouses.

Our priority lies in the use of breakthrough & innovating applications, high-end laser equipment of the highest quality & the most accurate and complete training of our staff. Making great use of our former project as “Thirio Tattoo Removal”, we focus on delivering the highest quality on all applications, as promised, putting the individual on the spotlight, for the best and fullest service for him.

Our proof can be found in our course of events the previous years that led us to invest our training and expertise in the most technically advanced laser tattoo removal equipment, as well as the full commitment and complete expertise of the staff that makes up DermaPro.

We ‘re always looking forward to new experiences, we are always expanding and growing, but we always keep in mind our first idea and our first motto: “If you ‘re going to do it, do it efficiently! “

Besides, our strictest judge is always ourself.

Kind Regards,

The Derma Pro Team


Our associates

georgios kalogerakis

Plastic Facial & body Surgeon

Dr. George Kalogerakis was born and raised in Larissa. He was admitted after examinations to the Medical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2003 and graduated with a grade of “Very Good” in 2009. Then, after completing his military service as well as the compulsory field service, he was trained in the basic principles of General Surgery at the General Hospital of Larissa during the period 2011-2012.

He later went abroad to specialize in the internationally renowned Department of Plastic Surgery at Manchester University Hospital. In particular, he specialized in Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, Hand Surgery and Adult Burn Rehabilitation at Wythenshawe Hospital of South Manchester. Also in the Rehabilitation of Congenital Abnormalities and Burns of Children at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital as well as in the Breast Rehabilitation and Treatment of Head & Neck and Skin Tumors at the famous Cancer Hospital “The Christie” in Manchester during the period 2013-2017.

Finally, before returning to Greece, he specialized in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of the Face and Body, participating as a fellow at the Aesthetic Fellowship of the North West Deanery of Greater Manchester, learning the secrets and the latest techniques alongside world-renowned Plastic Surgeons.

Dr. Kalogerakis has participated in dozens of Scientific Conferences and Postgraduate Seminars as a speaker or listener around the world and his constant concern is the constant information about the latest techniques and methods of Plastic Surgery. He holds a European Diploma in Plastic Surgery and has also successfully passed the Greek Plastic Surgery Examinations. Finally, he is a member of the European Society of Plastic Surgery (EBOPRAS), the American Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, the Hellenic Society of Plastic Surgery and the English Medical Association.

  • 11/09 – 08/10 Soldier doctor of the Litochoro brigade
  • 12/10 – 11/11 Agricultural doctor General Hospital of Larissa Parent health center
  • 01/12 – 07/13 Specialization in general surgery, General Hospital of Larissa
  • 07/13 – 07/16 Specialization in Adult Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery at Manchester University Hospital (UHSM)
  • 07/16 – 12/16 Specialization in Plastic and Reconstructive Pediatric Surgery, Manchester University Pediatric Hospital
  • 01/17 – 06/17 Specialization in the treatment of skin cancer, at the anti-cancer hospital the Christie Hospital
  • 06/17 – 11/17 Specialization in cosmetic plastic surgery at the University Hospital of Manchester 12 / 17-12 / 18
  • Specialization in reconstructive plastic surgery at the Metaxa anti-cancer hospital
  • 01/19 – present Private cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery

aikaterini Fragkoy

ENT Surgeon & Plastic Facial Surgeon

Dr. Ekaterini Frangou is an ENT Surgeon and Facial Plastic Surgeon, a member of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (EAFPS), the European (ERS) and American (ARS) Rhinological Society. He maintains active subscriptions with the medical associations of the countries where he served.

The doctor graduated with honors from the University of La Sapienza in Rome and specialized in ENT and Head and Neck Surgery at the GNA 251, 401 GSHA and “Sotiria” Hospitals in Athens. He specialized in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery in London. He has an MBA from INSEAD, the best Business School in the world and has distinguished himself in Entrepreneurship and in the creation of Start-ups in the Field of Health.

For more than 15 years he has collaborated with the largest Hospital groups in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, where he has been extensively involved in Reconstructive Facial Plastic Surgery, while also covering the full range of ENT and Head and Neck Surgery. It is committed to high quality, personalized medical care, always in a comfortable and modern working environment.

Over the course of her career, she has performed more than 6,000 surgeries and specialized in providing medical services to VIP patients, having served as an ENT and Facial Plastic Surgeon to members of the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, the Government of Mali and the Government of Mali , but also members of the Clinton Foundation. She was the Director of the ENT Clinic and Facial Plastic Surgery at Lucca Health Hospital, a member of the BlackIvy Group (a subsidiary of the Clinton Foundation) in Ghana, where she also developed a large philanthropic work.

Dr. Ekaterini Frangou has dedicated her career to the personalized approach of her patients, of all ages and all nationalities, always with a commitment to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Professional Course:

  • 2004-2005: Field Service P.I Kosmas, Arcadia Prefecture
  • 2005-2011: Specialty in Hospitals 251 Air Force General Hospital, 401  General Military Hospital of Athens and “Sotiria” Hospital
  • 2011-2013: Facial Plastic Surgeon, Transform Clinic, Harley Street, London, UK 
  • 2013-2018: ENT and Facial Plastic Surgeon Consultant. Dr. Suleiman Al Habib, Riyadh, KSA 
  • 2018-2019: ENT Clinic Director Tree Top Hospital (Ramsey Sime Darby Healthcare), Maldives
  • 2019-2022: Director of ENT clinic at Lucca Health (BlackIvy Group, a subsidiary of the Clinton Foundation), USA and Ghana.

In Greece she collaborates with the Derma Pro Clinic in Kolonaki. She regularly participates as a speaker in national and international conferences and is constantly updated on all medical developments in her specialty. In her free time she deals with her family and the restoration of old historic buildings. She has a 4-year-old daughter and she is married to Kyriako Kassi, colonel (retd), who is the personal adviser to the Emir of Abu Dhabi and Mentor of many International Celebrities.

dimitrios dimitriou

Dermatologist - Venereologist - Dermatologist

Dr. Dimitrios Dimitriou grew up on the island of Syros. He was admitted and graduated from the Medical School with a general degree: “Very Good 8.75” in 2000. He continued his medical education by participating in many of conferences and seminars. The most important are the following:

  • Participation in pan-Hellenic and international conferences on dermatology and dermatology.
  • 55th Postgraduate Seminar in Dermatology (May 2015)
  • 56th Postgraduate Seminar in Dermatology (April 2016)
  • 13 th Spring Symposium of the European Academy of Dermatologist and Venereology (May 2016)
  • 57th Postgraduate Seminar in Dermatology (April 2017)
  • 17th Dermatological two-day conference held at the Institute of Biobiological Research of the Academy of Athens (December 2017)
  • 1st Hellenic annual symposium in medical aesthetics (June 2018)
  • 14th Panhellenic Conference of Dermatology & Venereology (November 2018) – Monitoring & Active participation in the scientific tutorials of the conference:
    – Antiaging treatments – BTX
    – Basic principles of Dermatology – Anti-aging – facial rejuvenation
    – Cellulite treatment – mesotherapy – lipolysis – fibrous tissue detachment
    – PDO & COG yarns
    – Upper and lower face fillers & mesotherapy

In 2000, cooperation with private clinics and treatment centers began. He followed a three-month training at the pathology and surgery clinic of the Syros Hospital. In 2007-2008 he worked as a Field Service Doctor at the barren rural clinic of Tinos & Sifnos. In 2009 he continues his career as a Specialist Pathologist at the Pathology Clinic of the General Hospital. Syros until 2011. Then he works for 2 years as a Private Doctor, in the prefecture of Ilia, as Responsible for the management-treatment of pathological & surgical cases.

In 2013 he is a Dermatologist at the Dermatology Clinic of Evangelismos Hospital, Athens. He specializes in dermatology performing dozens of surgeries (removal of skin cancers, nevi, papillomas, etc.) as well as in the management and successful treatment of a wide range of dermatological diseases of clinical dermatology. He has an active participation, during his 3-year term, in the psoriasis clinic, under the supervision of the Director Mr. Naoum Christos and the Curator Mrs. Dagari Ioanna.

In 2016 he received the title of specialty: Dermatology-Venereology. A year later he works as an Auxiliary dermatologist at Health Center of Vyrona. During his 2-year term, he examined more than 6.800 patients, gaining extensive experience in aesthetic-cosmetic dermatology.

Since 2020 she has been collaborating with dermatological-aesthetic centers and has been a scientific collaborator in the private practice of a medical professor of EKPA and director of Dermatology.