DermaPro is a model Αesthetics & Dermatology Clinic, equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and operating in a carefully designed space, like nothing you‘ve seen before! We focus solely in the creation of a truly unique beauty experience for our visitors as well as a specialized treatment for every case that arouses.

Our priority lies in the use of breakthrough & innovating applications, high-end laser equipment of the highest quality & the most accurate and complete training of our staff. Making great use of our former project as “Thirio Tattoo Removal”, we focus on delivering the highest quality on all applications, as promised, putting the individual on the spotlight, for the best and fullest service for him.

Our proof can be found in our course of events the previous years that led us to invest our training and expertise in the most technically advanced laser tattoo removal equipment, as well as the full commitment and complete expertise of the staff that makes up DermaPro.

We ‘re always looking forward to new experiences, we are always expanding and growing, but we always keep in mind our first idea and our first motto: “If you ‘re going to do it, do it efficiently! “

Besides, our strictest judge is always ourself.

Kind Regards,

The Derma Pro Team


Our associates

We present you our specialized staff:

  • Dermatologists, with expertise in aesthetic dermatology
  • Aesthetic Cosmetology Graduates
  • Nursing School University Graduates