Deep skin hydration & Cellulite treatment

Our dermatologist is aware of practically every Mesotherapy treatment and is here for you to suggest specific applications depending on your case!

What is mesotherapy?
Mesotherapy is an optimal anti-aging treatment, that emerged many years ago, and refers to the technique with which vitamins, peptides, minerals, trace elements and natural extracts that are injected into the skin with micro-needles.

It is one of the most known and effective non-invasive treatments, that provide a solution to a wired range of issues, such as the confrontation of very thin wrinkles and sun-induced skin aging, skin loosening, dehydration and many more.

 What are the results of face mesotherapy? 

With face mesotherapy, the face is rejuvenated and hydrated deeply, by obtaining a healthy look. The hydration that mesotherapy has to offer, is of such effectiveness, that there is no comparison even with the most expensive facial creams. With the injection of the substances contained in mesotherapy “cocktail”, we can observe an immediate collagen and elastin stimulation that help the face maintain its young looks. In addition, the anti-oxidant action of these substances is so vast that offers many more advantages to facial skin with its use.

 Is mesotherapy painful? 
Mesotherapy is a totally painless treatment and the only annoyance you might feel may occur at the moment of the injection. That depends on the depth of the injection and the kind of treatment that will be chosen for that specific case. If the patient wishes to, we can always apply some anesthetic cream in the area.

Are there any side effects while applying mesotherapy?
We don’t expect any side effects with mesotherapy usually. We may only observe some minor bruises that subside after a few days without leaving any marks. Some other natural side effects are itchiness and ruddiness in the area. 

Autologous Mesotherapy 

Autologous mesotherapy is a technique that uses the plasma from the patient’s blood and substitutes the commercial drug in use. We receive blood from the patient, that is centrifuged and then separate the plasma that is rich in augmentation factors. Treatment duration The duration of the treatment does not exceed 1 hour in total and the results last for about 2-3 months. 

Mesotherapy & Cellulite – Myths & Truths

 Mesotherapy can result in serious and positive results in confronting cellulite, since it aims at the factors that form it, by eliminating them. With its specialized formula, the dermatologist can enhance the blood circulation in the areas that cellulite forms and therefore improving the skin’s surface in total. In addition to this, mesotherapy can be beneficial to fat reduction that forms in certain areas of the body, by breaking down the existing fat cells

Who are the ideal candidates for the treatment? 

After adulthood everyone is a suitable candidate for mesotherapy applied on the face and body. Usually, the first treatment is applied in the age of 30, unless there is an increased likelihood in aging due to hereditary factors as well as cellulite. It is advised to avoid the treatment if you are in pregnancy.

 How many sessions must be made?
The duration and the frequency of the sessions is mostly determined by the kind of treatment and the nature of the patient’s problem. At first, a number of 3-5 sessions is required with a 15 day time gap between them. As soon as the «aggressive» sessions are over, you can repeat a maintenance session every three months. 

How do the substances act? 
The substances that are included in the mesotherapy solution are mostly vitamins, peptides and minerals. Vitamins protect the collagen fibers, they hydrate, enhance blood flow, and contribute to calcium generation and in skin’s cell smooth functioning.
Mesotherapy advantages:

  • Hydration even for deep skin layers
  • Wrinkles and thin lines reduction
  • Black spots reduction
  • Black circles improvement
  • Skin texture improvement
  • Skin tightening

Depending on the patient’s age, mesotherapy can offer the following advantages:

  • 20-30 years of age: Hydration, shine and skin aging delay
  • 30-40 years of age: Skin elasticity enhancement, hydration, shine
  • 45+ years of age: anti-aging, wrinkles’ reduction, hydration restoration

How much does it cost? Face mesotherapy is a very affordable anti-aging treatment for everyone, with quite reasonable pricing. The final cost is formed after the doctor’s evaluation. The final price can be diversified by the solution of substances used. Our clinic’s dermatologist has a full understanding and specializes in various forms of mesotherapy and suggests specific treatment protocols depending on the case and the patient’s needs. Get in touch with us to guide you through the process! * After the Medical Board’s decision, we are not allowed to mention the price of the treatment.